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A complete guide about proxies for travel fare aggregation

This article delves into how you can use proxies on travel fare aggregation websites to gather unbiased data, bypass geo-restrictions and improve privacy. We'll also explore which is the best proxy type for travel fare aggregation.

Advanced ad analytics tools in today's fast-moving world have changed the way we search for flight tickets, hotels, car rentals and travel destinations. Google continuous sorts out data to create tailored advertisements, price tags, and offers with respect to your search history and certain other parameters. This might be helpful but normally leads to biased answers influenced by past behaviors and targeted advertising.
Travel fare aggregators can help in bringing objectivity and breadth of view into what options are available. These platforms help users come out from this overloaded quantity of data and avoid the pitfalls of personalized tracking. Travel fare aggregators scrape untainted data about prices and offers from huge lists of popular websites using special tools and techniques at the heart of which are proxies.
In this article, we will get into the details of how travel fare aggregators work, why proxies play an important role in their functionality and we'll see some of the most common use cases of proxies for travel fare aggregation.

What is Travel Fare Aggregation and How It Can Help you?

Travel fare aggregation is a sophisticated process that collects data from various sources and compares it to offer the best option to the customer. This tricky mechanism is incessantly scanning a huge network of airlines, hotels, car rentals and other travel platforms in order to assemble all sorts of fare information into one user-friendly interface. This way, it will be very easy and convenient for consumers to compare prices, availability and features. Filtering, sorting and analyzing these huge datas in real-time with advanced bots, ensure that the results are accurate and up-to-date.
Moreover, travel fare aggregation must also adapt to several technical issues in the process, such as dynamic pricing, regional price differences, and changing availability. To avoid IP blocks and geo-limitations, travel fare aggregators use proxies. In the next section we'll talk about why proxies are so important for travel fare aggregation.

Why Proxies Are a Must For Travel Fare Aggregation?

Proxies can be among the most important tools that travel data aggregators may have due to their ability to masquerade perfectly as a real user. If properly set up, activity coming from proxies looks to target websites like regular, organic user activity. To these websites, the network connections from the proxy will be clean and legitimate. Note that proxies can maintain this level of anonymity and protection for extended periods, making them fast, stable and powerful representatives for scraping data from the internet.
Now, as you are aware of the primary advantages of using a proxy for travel fare aggregation, let's see how it works.
At its very basic level, a proxy server functions as a middle-man for your device's connections. It intercepts your requests, processes them and then passes you on to the target site, replacing your actual IP address with that of the server. In other words, if you use a proxy, let's say a residential one, it assigns you an IP address from a local ISP, which is most surely attached to a real location. These type of IP addresses are quite hard to trace back to you, and in the eyes of the website, you are just like any other user.

Most Common Use Cases: Proxies For Travel Fare Aggregation

Scraping Data

The reason proxies are particularly relevant for scraping data is that you want to make your web requests look like they are coming from real users, not from automated bots.
Rotating proxies, be it rotating residential proxy or rotating datacenter proxy, assure you an effective collection of data because of their rotation nature. These proxies also ensure anonymity, keeping you hidden during data scraping to avoid rate limitation and restriction on the data. Moreover, you can use them from any part of the world and this let's you obtain data from different locations, so you can see the differences between prices based on geo-location.

Overcoming Geo-Restrictions

Collecting comprehensive travel-related data, such as hotel availability and car rental options, requires access to sources from multiple locations. Most websites unfortunately, have geo-restrictions applied that curb the users' ability to access that data just because of their location. If your country faces a restriction, you won't be able to see any data from that website, so, automatically, you won't be capable to gather that data.
Proxies come very handy here, to bypass these geo-restrictions. A proxy server residing in a country or region that do not have any access limitation, can hide you real IP Address and you'll be able to collect the data from those restricted websites. The website will just see the IP address of your proxy server that is supposed to be located in other region/country where the access is allowed.
Also, here at Anonymous Proxies, we offer a lot of various proxy servers in the main cities of Europe, America, and Asia. Moreover, we have many other locations available, so you can always find a proxy server that suits you geographical needs.

Improved Website Performance

High volumes of traffic slow down travel fare aggregator websites during peak booking times. The use of proxies distributes this across a number of servers, ensuring that the website stays fast and responsive. This will ensure that the site keeps working smoothly because of the load balancing and users will have a very good experience even when demand is at its highest. Reliable performance is crucial for users who rely on these platforms for efficient and timely travel planning.

Improved Privacy and Security

Proxies can provide a layer of privacy and security in the process of using any travel fare aggregator. The reason for this is because they forward your internet traffic via the proxy server and, therefore, mask your real IP address, making your activities hard to track by the travel aggregators. Such more robust privacy definitely helps secure your private information and browsing history from being monitored or collected by travel websites and third parties. So, with proxies you will be able to surf anonymously and book your travels without revealing your identity.

What Is The Best Type Of Proxy For Travel Aggregation Websites?

Even if the best kind of proxy for travel aggregation websites largely depends on the user's needs and objectives, residential proxies generally remain on top of the list. Residential proxies use IP addresses given by Internet Service Providers to real house owners and they look just like regular users, not an automated system. This greatly minimizes the possibility of getting blocked or flagged by most travel aggregation sites since they usually have tight anti-bot measures in place. Residential proxies guarantee a high degree of anonymity, reliable performance, and the ability to access regionally localized content. These make them perfect for getting the most accurate price comparisons, regional offers and, of course, without any interruptions.
Datacenter proxies, however, also play a significant role in the proxy ecosystem. Unlike residential proxies, they use IP addresses provided by, of course, datacenters, not ISPs. As a rule, data center proxies are generally faster and less expensive but have one prominent drawback compared to residential proxies: they are much easier to detect and block because of their non-residential profile. Thus, they are not that useful for tasks that require a high degree of anonymity and access to geo-specific content. Nevertheless, in some cases, they may remain useful for managing huge amounts of requests when speed is more important than the level of stealth.


Travel data aggregation can be tricky due to bans, security issues, and other major challenges one may fall into. Proxies can help you avoid these problems by acting as a middleman between you and the Internet. They will let you scrape data without any problems, help in bypassing any geo-restriction and improve your protection.
Here at Anonymous Proxies, we are committed to offer tailored solutions to meet your needs. When you buy any type of rotating proxy, you'll only pay for the data you actually use and in the case of static proxies, we have both quantity and period based discounts, so you will be able to save more when your requirements grow.

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