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Datacenter Dedicated HTTP Proxies are equally as important to individuals, businesses, and institutions and tend to bring controlled high levels of efficiency and security in the optimization of digital operations. They provide global coverage with minimal risk of IP blocks, so access to a wide range of websites and precise targeting at the city level is very simple and smooth. The setup process is user-friendly and it allows you for a straightforward management and quick configuration. Whether it's for your large-scale data scraping, enforcing cyber regulations, or enhancing personal browsing experiences, these proxies provide reliable and secure ways of meeting all kinds of digital needs.

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What Is A Http Proxy?

An HTTP proxy server is the humble mediator between your browser and the web server with which you would like to get in touch. It intercepts your requests and forwards them further to the web server. When the web server responds, the HTTP proxy relays the response back to you. Thus, all the traffic appears to come from the IP of the proxy and not from your IP.
One of the important pros of using an HTTP proxy is that it can save bandwidth. It compresses traffic, caches web pages and files, and reduces the number of ads reaching the device in use. This is going to be very useful for organizations that make constant visits to content-rich sites, such as news portals, whose ads and media could be eating up a lot of bandwidth.
The HTTP proxy, further, handles a huge number of users at the same time, so it is best suited for business applications where a company has more employees. They also increase security by safeguarding against unauthorized file storage and access, providing one more layer of protection to organizational networks.

How does HTTP proxy work?

Unfortunately, more and more online criminals exist in our days and they are the most dangerous threat most companies face. This is actually what makes an HTTP proxy server very useful because it filters any suspicious activity on your connection. In addition, the HTTP proxy server watches web traffic for malware all the time, and can stop a potential attack from abroad network in a flash.
The HTTP proxy also inspects the source of the web traffic before it gets sent to an internal web client. This is to ensure that the content that will probably cause damage is less likely to get into your network; hence, no buffer overflow attacks.

How You Can Use an HTTP Proxy?

There are so many things someone can do with an HTTP proxy. Today, we will show you just a few of the most popular use cases.

Market Analysis and Research

It has always been important to enter the competitive marketplace with details. HTTP proxies give both the business and consumer the opportunity to anonymously collect relevant data in the market to later analyze, evaluate consumer preferences, and compare prices from other parts of the region. This can lead to informed purchasing decisions and significant savings when looking for the best deals on products and services.

Efficient Data Scraping

Data is the essence in the competitive business environment. HTTP proxies allow you to monitor market trends and the activities of your competitors without giving away your identity to them. This is very useful in environments where being detected could compromise your data gathering efforts. The HTTP proxy should, therefore, be able to allow the extraction of data that is very valuable to the businesses without risking being blocked or tracked.

Social Media Management

Social media is perceived as one of the powerful tools to reach and engage with a broad audience. HTTP proxies facilitate the creation and management of multiple social media profiles without triggering security protocols that block the mass creation of accounts. By doing this, marketers can effectively run automatic campaigns that talk directly to potential customers, so they can expand their reach and influence successfully.

Enhanced Online Privacy

Privacy is one of the most essential things in the world today. Many activities being carried out depend on it. In today's digital age, data collection has reached very excessive levels. By routing your internet traffic through an HTTP proxy, your original IP address is masked, shielding your personal data from networks that log user activities. This setting will not only hide your IP but also has the capability of encrypting your data to increase your online privacy and security.

Content Management

For businesses that want to manage what content is accessible, HTTP proxies remain the best way system administrators can enforce policies by restricting access to non-work-related sites during business hours. These measures may also be welcomed by parents who want to prevent their children from accessing inappropriate content over the Internet, thereby ensuring a safer browsing experience.

Access to Geographically Restricted Content

This is also the case for many online services, including streaming platforms, that restrict content according to location. An HTTP proxy can provide access to a broader range of content by offering you an IP address from a specific country, depending on the content you wish to access. This is useful for sports fans who want to watch live broadcasts running only in other countries. For example, accessing live soccer games from European leagues can be challenging outside Europe. Therefore, using an HTTP proxy, fans worldwide can beat such geographic restrictions and access the live European League soccer games from their continent.

Benefits of Using an HTTP Proxy

HTTP proxies provide, to a substantial measure, relatively flexible configurations for a specific target, with benefits given to the fields:
  • Content Management: In many cases, a company would want to control or, at least, filter the type of content on their network. An HTTP proxy can filter concerning incoming content depending on different URL parts like domain or path names, filenames, or extensions. This practically allows the company to enforce limits on the content.
  • Overcoming Website Restrictions: HTTP proxies are very useful for, among other things, web scraping and web crawling tasks. They allow the creating of HTTP request headers to simulate identical behavior of different browsers and pass through some access restrictions established by the target site, so you can gain your required data.
  • Safety: Set up rules within the HTTP proxy server to detect protocol anomalies. These rules help identify and block suspicious packets, thereby safeguarding your web server from potential external attacks.
  • Privacy: Similar to other types of proxies, an HTTP proxy can conceal your real IP address. This is a common practice for enhancing security and maintaining anonymity online.

Why Choose Anonymous Proxies For Buying Dedicated HTTP Proxies?


When you opt for the dedicated HTTP Proxies of Anonymous Proxies, you choose from a global range of locations to ensure quick access to the IPs you need. We rigorously test and supply only the fastest proxies, so you can be sure our standards will meet your high expectations.

Premium and Private

Our HTTP proxies are dedicated, so when you buy from us, you own those IPs exclusively. This exclusivity is advantageous for all types of online activities requiring proxy services, providing you with security and undivided bandwidth.

Ease of Use

Buy a private HTTP proxy from us and receive instant access to a straightforward dashboard for easy configuration and setup of your datacenter IPs. This straightforward process ensures you can use your proxy with minimal setup time.

Continuous Improvement

We are continuously expanding and upgrading our proxy pool to keep pace with evolving business needs and challenges, ensuring that our services remain at the cutting edge.

Exceptional Uptime

Our HTTP(S) Proxies boast a 99.9% uptime rate, making them some of the most reliable on the market. This high uptime is crucial for businesses that depend on continuous proxy availability.

24/7 Support

All customers get dedicated 24/7 support for sorting out any problems that may arise. So, you can message us whenever you got any problem and will be hapilly there for you.

Unique Proxy Features

Our infrastructure is unique, battle-tested and carefully monitored by supervisors 24/7. There is no other proxy provider even close to operating at the same level and standards that we do.

24/7 Heroic Support
Sometimes the kind of support you offer means more than your product and we know that. We're always available and you can give us a try.
Affordable Pricing
Given the performance and services we provide we can proudly say that our prices are very small and fair. Check out our pricing page and we promise you won't be disappointed.
Dual Authentication
Don't wanna use a username and password combo to authenticate to your proxies? No problem, you can use your ip address instead.
Fully Anonymous
All our proxies are carefully set and monitored in order to ensure they are 100% anonymous and without any sort of ip or dns leaks.
Instant Activation
Our proxies are activated instantly once your payment enters our system and we really stand behind this word which is not just for marketing.
Pick Your Proxy
We don't sell you packages. You can pick each proxy IP individually by subnet, city, state or country. You're in full control.

Lowest Prices in the industry

Our prices have always been competitive and we plan on keeping them that way. On top of that, we always have discounts based on quantity or billing period so make sure you play with our pricing calculator below to estimate your expenses.

Best proxies for every use case

Our proxies are perfect for any use case. We have a wide range of locations and subnets to choose from as well as a plethora of protocols and authentication methods.

Ad verification

Verify that your ads and campaigns are running properly and according to specs by using our proxies to emulate real visitors from different parts of the world.

Anonymous browsing

From proxy chains or simple browsing, SOCKS5 are your best tool when trying to use your software anonymously and avoid detection.

Automated purchases

Create purchase bots and be the first to access closed, regional markets or restricted merchandise by using our proxies and socks.

Brand monitoring

Keep a permanent eye on the internet and the mentions of your brand. Stay in the loop and be the first to respond when your brand receives critique.

Bypass geo-restrictions

With our SOCKS5 proxies you can bypass any kind of geo restrictions and consume your favorite media without obstructions, at any time.

Competition monitoring

Wether it's pricing, policies or other subtle changes our proxies are the perfect solution if you want to stay up to date with important changes.

Data mining bots

Our proxies are perfect for web crawlers and data miners in general because they are fast, easy to use, have great bandwidth and exceptional uptime.

Market research

Many online markets react to user's location in different ways. Use our proxies to see those changes in real-time and adapt to them as fast as possible.

P2P applications

P2P applications use a multitude of ports in order to transfer data across the network and only a SOCKS5 proxy will be able to work reliably.

Online gaming

Banned at games or geo walled by IP-geo restrictions? Use our SOCKS5 proxies to get back into action without being detected or restricted ever again.

Website uptime

Check your website and other online services from multiple locations by using our proxies. Downtimes cost money and we're here to help you avoid them.

Price monitoring

Monitor market prices for products of interest and make sure you are always in the loop by adapting quickly to any changes from your competition.

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