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How to use Sneaker Bots in 2020

What is a sneaker bot? how does it work and how to use it for sneaker reselling in 2020?


In 2020 reselling sneakers became a great opportunity for sneakerheads to make a profit out of their passion.
Companies like Adidas and Nike are releasing limited edition sneakers in collaboration with different brands or well-known artists such as Travis Scott, Off-White and Supreme, that could easily trigger the interest of the mass.
There are several ways of making a profit out of reselling these limited edition sneakers: some of them are buying the sneakers on release day and then sell them instantly after the sneakers appear to be out of stock and make 100-300% profit. Others are buying sneakers when they speculate that they will increase their price over a period of time, so they keep them for a couple of months and then put them back on the market, hence increasing their chances to gain a profit. Thus, for the first method, the best way to make sure that you get your hands on those limited edition sneakers is to use a rather innovative tool on the market, namely, sneaker bot.

What is a sneaker bot?

A sneaker bot is a software that helps speeding up the buying process for limited edition sneakers. Despite the name, the sneaker bot can be used to buy any type of products from any website.

How does a sneaker bot work?

To understand more about how a sneaker bot works, we should look into the retailer's side for a moment. When a retailer is building the website, he has to make sure that every process works as it should and create an impeccable shopping experience for the customers. So they are building an automation bot that finishes all the processes for the customer (add to cart, fill payment details, shipping address and checkout)
This process is very useful for retailers but the sneaker bot creators are taking advantage of this too, because it creates a loophole in the website so they can use the bot and shop anonymously.

Are sneaker bots illegal?

Being on the market for only a few years there are no laws at the moment against sneaker bots but this might change in the future. Some retailers introduced strict terms and conditions on their website's sections that forbid the usage of bots, given their unfair advantage.

What are sneaker bot proxies?

Sneaker bot proxies are add-ons of the bots used to mask your IP Some sneaker websites release limited edition sneakers at a specific time, and won't let a customer buy more than one pair (this happens within websites with hyped releases). If you are using proxies you can get multiple IP addresses so you have a chance to get more pairs of the desired shoes.
It is also important to know that, for these type of releases, you need to be fast in order to even get one pair. The speed and the location that you have when you are buying hyped sneakers is important, that's why, by using a proxy you will be able to have the optimal location and a speed advantage.

How to make a $5000 + profit monthly selling sneakers?

Before you start buying sneakers you need to understand how the market works.
Some sneaker brands like Off-White, Nike, Yeezy drop limited edition shoes, such that the number of pairs available for purchase is low.They are releasing them both online, and in stores. If you are willing to buy them from a store, the only thing you can do, is wake up early, get in line at the store before it opens, and if luck strikes, you will be able to get your hands on a limited-edition pair of sneakers. If you prefer to get them from an online store, the best way to do that is by getting a sneaker bot first, in order to compete with the other buyers, which also rely on sneaker bots.
If you manage to buy a pair or more, you will be able to sell them pretty quickly at a higher price on retail websites like StockXFightclubSolesupremacyStadiumgoods, etc. In order to exemplify, it’s best to observe a case study: Nike made a collaboration with Supreme a few months ago which was released on Supreme's official website. We are talking about Nike Air Force 1 Supreme for which the store price was $96, the same price as the regular Nike Air force 1. Everyone who managed to get their hands on a pair, they can make now a $300 profit, as they sell for almost $400 today.
That is the quick way of flipping sneakers, but you can also hunt older models that are likely to go up in price in a longer period of time (3-6 months). In this case, you will have to look for the kicks on retail websites, Facebook groups, stores.

Pairs of sneakers with a high resale value.

Yeezy X Adidas Black White Boost 350 V2 with tags
Retail price: $220
Resale price: ~$980
Nike Air Jordan x KAWS 2017 4 Retro with tags
Retail price: $350
Resale price: ~$3200
Nike Air Jordan x Union 1 Retro High Black Toe with tags
Retail orice: $190
Resale price: ~$3600
Off White X Nike The Ten Air Jordan 1 High Chicago
Retail price: $190
Resale price: ~$3800
Nike x Kanye West Air Yeezy 2 Red October
Retail price: $179
Resale price: ~$8000
Nike MAG Back to the Future (2011)
Retail price: $179
Resale price: ~$12000

Owen Saxon interview

We contacted Owen Saxon and got him to answer some questions about his reselling methods. Check his instagram page for draws and giveaways.
My name is Owen Saxon, I'm a 31 year old actor in Los Angeles (NCIS, Lethal Weapon, Shooter). I'm also an avid gamer (World of Warcraft nerd), and have a passion for fitness and boxing besides sneakers.
1. When did your passion for buying sneakers begin?
I was really into Jordans when I was a kid. My mom bought me a pair of flu games and some Ken Griffeys at a young age. After that, I grew up in Santa Cruz and was pretty into SBs + other skate shoes (I begged my mom to buy me some Chad Muska Circas with the little zipper pocket and finally got em for Christmas one year)
2. When did you sell the first pair of sneakers?
I can't remember the first ever time exactly, but in more recent years, I remember selling a pair of GR Jordan 1s for like $10 over retail. Still felt great to turn a profit.
3. Tell us more about the method you use for buying and selling sneakers.
I use my IG mainly to buy and sell sneakers, however I tend to use local apps like Offer Up and Facebook groups as well. Here and there I'll find steals on StockX or GOAT but it's once in a blue moon. 4. Which sneaker bots do you use and recommend?
I've had pretty decent success with Kodai as of late, but with Footsites stepping up their security, it's becoming more important on having your info and proxies airtight otherwise cancels seem almost guaranteed.
5. Which pair of sneakers brought you the biggest profit?
There's been a few. I hit a lot of Offwhite back in 2017 and 2018 for retail (UNCs,Prestos, etc.). However, I noticed the upward rise in SBs and pulled the trigger on a lot of pairs early 2018 which turned out to be solid flips this last year or so.
6. How much money are you making from sneaker flipping monthly?
It fluctuates, around $10,000-$30,000. It has definitely been slower lately.
7. Which websites do you use for reselling sneakers?
I mainly sell through my IG or locally.
8. What is your favourite pair of sneakers and how did you get it?
That's a tough one, but I'd have to say my HUF dunk highs right now. I rock those A LOT.
**9. Did you ever get scammed buying a product from a reseller? **
I only do paid-on-delivery so I can legit check every shoe I buy before paying. I had someone send me 4 shoes and 3 of em were fake. I tell everyone I charge a 20% failed verification fee if they want their fakes sent back, so in this case I ended up keeping the real one and sent him back the rest. Paid on delivery isn't for everyone but I feel like my reputation and flawless transaction history allows me to insist on this. At the end of the day, no deal is worth that compromise.
10. Can you give us a few tips on how to start sneaker reselling?  
Just start! You don't need a crazy inventory to get started. Try and snipe a few pairs at retail or learn the market and buy low, hold a bit and turn a profit. Never buy a shoe that ties up all your funds and doesn't let you make moves on other drops. Also, don't miss out on a deal over $10-$15. That's not only stupid business, but a big relationship killer and relationships are everything in this industry. Too many young kids have this stubborn mentality on what they're willing to buy/sell for and they don't understand that people are gonna just stop reaching out to them if they're too difficult to do business with.

How to start sneaker botting in 2020?

 At a first glance Sneaker botting may seem a complicated process for most people, but if you dedicate some time to learn how to do it, it can be effortless. In today's market you can start with less than $500 to get a Bot and some proxies and you are ready to go.
When you get into sneaker botting there are 3 main things you need to take into account:

1. The price range of a bot is between 200-800 $.

When you are looking to buy a bot, first, think how much money you want to invest in the sneaker game, for example, if you want to invest 500-800 $ you should get a bot with the price range of 200-400 $.
Every year, new sneaker bots appear on the internet, here are some of the best sneaker bots in 2020 according to reviews about performance, price and features.
Cyber AIO - £300 + £100 / 6 months. Top sites: Shopify, Footsites, Supreme
NSB BOT - $499 / year Top sites: Shopify, Footsites, Supreme
Kodai - $175/2 months + $59.99 / month Top sites: Adidas, Shopify, Footlocker EU
Easycop Bot - $600 Top sites: Footsies
Ghost/ Phantom - $300 Top sites: Adidas, Footsies, Supreme, Yeezysupply, JD Sports

2. The cost of operating the bot. Renewel fees, price of proxies and servers.

Some bots have a one time fee, other bots have subscriptions, an example is Cyber Aio, mentioned above, which has a subscription of £100/ 6 months, after you pay the £300. Proxies and servers price may vary, for cheap dedicated proxies we recommend checking our website.

3. Take enough time learning how to run the bot.

On most of the Bots you can find tutorials on their website, forums, YouTube, etc. Don't start making big investments without having the knowledge of how the bot works. Get familiar with the functioning of the bot, and then, when you start copping sneakers, you will be more efficient.


Sneaker botting in 2020 is a great way to make a substantial profit by doing something you enjoy. If you have a passion for sneakers and you know how the market works, this can turn into a full-time job in which you will be able to manage your time and money the way you want to.   Start by studying the market, buy a bot, buy proxies then a server and you are good to go.

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