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What Are Amazon Proxies?

This article explains what are Amazon proxies, detailing their use in enhancing anonymity, managing multiple accounts and scraping data without detection.

As for the business environment, Amazon is the most active marketplace in the world, which has millions of sellers and customers, giving unlimited opportunities for doing business. But more than listing your products, being successful at Amazon entails much more. A good strategy in this case would be to use Amazon proxies. In this post, we are going to highlight what these proxies are and more importantly, how they can be a game-changer for you as a seller, in increasing your ability to succeed and tapping into your full potential on the platform.

What is Amazon?

Amazon represents the world's largest online retailer, a position firmly confirmed through a breathtaking metamorphosis from a simple online bookstore to an enormous market that offers everything for everybody, including electronics, games and clothing. Founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos, who became the world's richest man, Amazon has expanded a lot over the past 30 years. It is an American-based multinational technology company headquartered in Seattle, Washington, home to the most popular online marketplace globally, with over 310 million customers. By 2023, it indicates that revenues on this marketing platform would be around 554 billion dollars. The wide variety of goods on the platform accounts for more than 300 million. The peak of Amazon in the year 2012 saw transactions that could be equal to around 306 in a second, where a translated total of a whole day's activity could be equal to around 26.5 million transactions, underlining its status as a bustling hub of commercial activity.

What are Amazon Proxies?

Amazon proxies are special proxy servers designed to facilitate access to Amazon's platform using different IP addresses. These proxies, in essence, act as an intermediary between the device of an user and Amazon servers. They provide a level of anonymity that assures its visitors of extra levels of privacy and protection in the course of the transactions and general interaction on the platform.
The primary function of Amazon proxies is to hide the user's original IP address and replace it with one from the proxy server. This change will make it hard for Amazon to trace some activities or behaviors down to that particular user, hence obscuring his identity and geographical location. Such anonymity is required for most e-commerce activities on Amazon, so you 'll have more secure and private operations.

Why Do You Need a Proxy for Amazon?

Please note that in the scraping of Amazon, you must use a proxy to hide your IP in such cases. This is very necessary for collecting product and supplier data from Amazon pages. Some of this data may be useful to individual sellers or digital marketers/agencies.
Amazon, one of the e-commerce leaders, has a really big database. In order to collect such details, it will require the use of a scraper bot or an automatic script. And by the way, scraping is against the Amazon's terms of service, meaning it is actually illegal. Without proper precautions, your IP address is likely to be blocked due to the detection of bot-like activities.
A proxy will provide you access to millions of IP addresses, and so you can spread your scraping activity across many IPs. Also, if you use a proxy you will be able to mask your scraping activities and to make your requests look much more organic to the Amazon servers. So, in the case you need to scrape data from Amazon sites across different countries, you will be able to pick a proxy IP address from any specific country.

Use Cases for Amazon Proxies

Handling Multiple Seller Profiles

In essence, Amazon's seller policy allows only one seller account per region, with the exception of such circumstances that might make it have more than one account. For example, you could represent two separate companies selling in completely different categories or are part of an Amazon selling program that might require different accounts. Managing these accounts usually requires meticulous coordination to track inventory and respond to customer inquiries, which can be quite demanding. Amazon proxies will allow the assignment of the same unique IP address to each account. This simplifies management, and it also reduces the probability that the accounts will be linked by Amazon, a big bonus for large-scale operations.

Geographic Account Management

Sellers are encouraged to make sure they keep region-specific accounts when selling on any of Amazon's international marketplaces, like Amazon.ca or Amazon.in. Amazon proxies can be used to appear as if you are accessing the internet from these regions and because of this, they secure correct presentation of content and prices, mirroring local standards. Also, this can be very important for ensuring accurate advertising and compliance with regional trade regulations.

Data Extraction from Amazon

Amazon proxies are invaluable for scraping data from Amazon, a practice that resides in a legal gray area and varies by jurisdiction. With the use of proxies, requests can be spread out across several IPs to minimize the dangers of IP detection or IP blocking by Amazon's servers. While scraping could be utilized to collect publicly available data, it is crucial to understand Amazon’s terms of service and seek legal advice before proceeding, to ensure compliance with all applicable laws.

Market Price Monitoring

Product pricing across different regions may vary due to the prevailing market forces of supply and demand, competition dynamics, and regulatory issues. Amazon proxies allow a seller to trace and compare prices across different Amazon marketplaces. This capability helps in setting competitive prices and optimizing sales strategies for different markets, making sure that the sellers are always on a competitive edge worldwide.

Amazon Proxies Benefits

Anonymity and Privacy

Using Amazon proxies enhances privacy by concealing the user's original IP address. It further ensures the safety of the respective personal and browsing behavioral information that has to be kept safe for confidential online interactions during the e-commerce engagements on Amazon.

Geolocation Targeting

Proxies equipped with IP addresses from designated regions empower businesses to focus on specific local markets. This allows businesses to develop strategies in marketing with special reference to the locals of that region in terms of localized advertising, regional price adjustments and special promotions that resonate with local audiences.

Competitive Advantage

Proxies allow businesses to secretly monitor competitors on Amazon, including their pricing, product offerings and marketing tactics. Data assists in gaining informed insights that allow a company to spot opportunities and refine their strategies to stay ahead in the market.

Smooth Operations

Using static residential proxies greatly reduces any chances of running into any problems related to IPs, like blocks, bans or any sort of restriction from Amazon. Because these proxies appear as legitimate residential IPs, they blend seamlessly into normal user traffic, minimizing the risk of detection.


Dedicated datacenter proxies and static residential proxies are great choices in order to remain anonymous on the internet. Static residential proxies use IPs sourced from internet service providers, directly associated with real, physical devices connected to the internet. This makes their traffic to appear as regular user-generated activity and it reduces the likelihood of detection. Even it is more expensive, it provides high reliability for platforms like Amazon.
On the other hand, utilizing dedicated datacenter proxies, sourced from cloud servers, provide a cheaper alternative. These proxies assure that your requests will come from an unchanging IP address, hence providing anonymity, but, of course, not as strong as residential proxies.
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