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What are Instagram Proxies used for and why do you need them

What are instagram proxies? Proxies categories that are used by instagram Marketers. Tips for more effective automation.

What are instagram proxies?

Every device that can access the internet is assigned a unique IP address. If you want to exchange data with another one the ip address of your device will be scanned. Instagram proxies act as intermediaries between users and instagram servers, replacing their actual IP address with a new one and hiding their location. Instagram blocks accounts if it discovers they use the same IP address. With instagram proxies users are able to add more than 5 accounts on their phone and those accounts will not look suspicious.

Can Instagram block your IP address?

Instagram can restrict a device from using their services. An Instagram IP ban means that any connections from the banned IP address will be refused. The ban will stop the instagram user from accessing accounts associated with the blocked device. There are some things you can do in order to regain access to Instagram’s services. By using a proxy, you can borrow another IP address to use. When you connect to the internet via a proxy, your device first connects to an intermediary server and then uses this server as a buffer between it and the internet.
It is not recommended to use public/shared proxies if using a residential or datacenter proxy. By not having control of what are the other users doing with the proxy it can result in banning your accounts. In order to protect your accounts, Private (dedicated) proxies are recommended. The benefits of private proxies are that the IP will only be used by you and not other users.

Proxies categories that are used by Instagram Marketers.

Datacenter proxies

Datacenter proxies are the most common ones. Those are independent from Internet Service Providers and it’s much easier not to be linked to one particular place. The main benefit of using a datacenter proxy is anonymity. Moreover, for more online invisibility or for unlocking content from another country, you can use a proxy service linked to a datacenter to help mask your IP address. A datacenter proxy hides your identity when you’re surfing the web. Furthermore, datacenter proxy speed and reliability is good when having one or two accounts linked on the same IP. If you are a business in need of well-performing proxies to harvest data, datacenter proxies are the way to go.

Residential proxies

This category of proxies are assigned for personal home use. Residential proxies are physically linked to an existing location. They appear as genuine IP addresses and the chances that they will get restricted are low as they are not recognised as data centers. This makes them perfect for web use.

Mobile Proxies

Mobile proxies are issued by mobile carriers, and have the same benefits as web proxies. Their process is to deliver traffic from an ip address and diverting traffic through different cell phones associated with 3G/4G cellular towers. This makes it hard to identify the disguised IP addresses, bringing expanded protection, security, and secrecy.
Mobile Proxies can be used to manage 10-20 instagram accounts per modem and are unlikely to be detected by Instagram because the user is sharing the IPs with hundreds or even thousands of users via cell towers which rotate.

Tips for more effective automation

  • Don't change a proxy if you did not have any issues with it. IF you are using a datacenter proxy and everything is working properly don't try to change it, changing it to a mobile or residential one can cause multiple issues.
  • Get a proxy from your location. Instagram checks the country location, they used to ignore that in the past but not anymore. Having an account loged in on your phone in a location and getting a proxy from the same location will look more organic.
  • If you are a beginner, choose a mobile proxy instead of datacenter or residential ones, they are easier to use.

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