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What is Shadowrocket and how to use it?

Shadowrocket, an iOS app, optimizes internet connections and enhances privacy. It allows custom proxy and VPN configurations, offers various features for secure and personalized browsing, and integrates with residential IPs.

Shadowrocket is a robust networking tool designed exclusively for iOS devices. It empowers users to optimize their internet connections, bolster privacy, and have greater control over their network traffic. This handy application is a go-to for bypassing internet restrictions, accessing blocked websites, and efficiently managing VPN connections. In this guide, we'll delve into what Shadowrocket exactly is, explore its standout features, and provide a detailed, step-by-step guide on effectively utilizing it, specifically focusing on using Shadowrocket on iPhones.

Understanding Shadowrocket

Shadowrocket has garnered immense popularity as an iOS application on the App Store. Its primary function is to serve as a secure proxy client, allowing users to configure custom proxies and VPNs. This configuration redirects network traffic through specified servers or protocols, effectively bypassing firewalls, censorship, and other restrictions imposed by networks or countries. To fully maximize Shadowrocket's capabilities, integrating reliable proxy servers into your configuration is essential. But before delving into that, let's first discuss what proxies are and how they work. A proxy server acts as a middleman between your device and the internet, ensuring that any website you access only detects the IP address of the proxy server, safeguarding your IP address.

Why to choose Shadowrocket?

If you're wondering why Shadowrocket stands out in the crowded realm of networking tools, let's reveal the incredible features that make it a top choice for iOS users:

1. Versatile Proxy Configurations

Shadowrocket offers a versatile array of proxy types to suit your specific needs. Whether it's HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5, or Shadowsocks, Shadowrocket can tailor the proxy configuration according to your preferences.

2. Enhanced Privacy with Secure Browsing

Protecting your online privacy is very important for everybody, and Shadowrocket ensures that. It achieves this by encrypting your internet traffic, delivering a secure and private browsing experience. This feature becomes critical when you're connected to public Wi-Fi networks.

3. Customize Your Browsing Experience for Every App

One of the standout features of Shadowrocket is the ability to define proxy settings per-app. This level of granular control allows you to decide which apps utilize the proxy, granting you the power to personalize your online experience.

4. Custom DNS Settings

With Shadowrocket, customization is at your fingertips, even down to DNS preferences. You can configure specific DNS servers, giving you better control over your network and ensuring enhanced privacy.

5. Seamless Integration of Genuine Residential IPs

Shadowrocket seamlessly integrates with genuine residential IPs from real devices, presenting you as a true user from a specific location. This unique feature enhances anonymity and is crucial for various online activities.

6. Discreet Automation Tasks

Unlock discreet and seamless automation by leveraging authentic residential IPs. With Shadowrocket, you can effortlessly conduct automation tasks while remaining undetected by websites, making it the preferred choice for countless users. Explore how our Residential proxies can optimize your experience.
Are you excited to configure your Shadowrocket proxy server? Let's get started!

How to Use Shadowrocket on iPhone?

Let's embark on a guided journey to set up and use Shadowrocket effectively on your iPhone:

1. Download and Install Shadowrocket

  • Begin your adventure by opening the App Store on your iPhone. In the search bar, type "Shadowrocket," or press on this link install Shadowrocket.
  • Once you find Shadowrocket in the App Store, press the download icon, and the app will start downloading immediately.
  • The app will safely install itself on your device once the download is complete. Look for the Shadowrocket icon on your home screen or in your app library, and give it a tap.
  • Tap the Shadowrocket icon to open the app. You'll receive a warm welcome with a handy tutorial to guide you through. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the app's features before you dive into the next steps.
Now that you have successfully installed Shadowrocket, let's set up those proxy settings and explore the advantages of using a proxy server with Shadowrocket.

2. Setup proxies with Shadowrocket

  • To use our proxies with Shadowrocket, tap on the ' +' icon or Add Server within the app to add a new proxy configuration.
  • Then press on type
  • Choose the right type for you
  • After that, enter your proxy's Domain/IP address and Port number. Also, don't forget about your credentials and press Save.

3. Activate the Proxy

Return to the main screen of Shadowrocket. Toggle the switch that is next to Not Connected.
If this is your initial encounter with Shadowrocket, you'll receive an iOS prompt to install the VPN profile, and you need to press 'OK'.
Also, you'll receive another prompt to include Shadowrocket in your VPN configurations. To validate this action, press 'Allow', and you'll be prompted to enter your iPhone passcode.

4. Test the Proxy

That's it! You can check to see if your proxy is working properly by pressing on InfoIp.

What Are the Best Proxies for Shadowrocket?

Residential proxies are the perfect match for Shadowrocket, providing genuine IP addresses from trusted ISPs and cellular service providers. The key advantage? They seamlessly blend in with regular traffic, offering authenticity and reliability.
At Anonymous Proxies, we offer a premium range of Residential Proxies tailored for various needs. Whether it's web scraping, ad verification, social media management, or automation, our proxies excel in diverse scenarios. Reach out to us today and discover our proxies' immense potential for enhancing your online experiences!

Advanced Features and Optimization

Besides the basic setup, Shadowrocket offers several advanced features to optimize your network and enhance your browsing experience. Let's explore some of these features:

Rules Configuration

Shadowrocket allows you to set up rules defining how the proxy should behave for specific domains or IP addresses. This gives you fine-grained control over which traffic is redirected through the proxy and which is not.
Navigate to the rules section within Shadowrocket. Create custom rules specifying the domains or IP addresses and define the action to be taken (e.g., direct, proxy, block).

URL Rewrite

URL rewrite allows you to modify URLs on the fly. This can be particularly useful for bypassing restrictions or optimizing your browsing experience.
Access the URL rewrite settings in Shadowrocket. Add rules to rewrite URLs based on patterns and desired replacements.

Enhanced Privacy Measures

To further enhance your privacy while using Shadowrocket on your iPhone, consider implementing additional privacy-focused configurations:
Use trusted VPNs in conjunction with Shadowrocket to create a more secure and private connection. Enable end-to-end encryption where possible for heightened privacy.

Troubleshooting Guide

Proxy Not Working

Double-check the proxy configuration settings for accuracy if your proxy is not working as expected. Ensure that the proxy server is active and reachable.

App Not Redirecting Through Proxy

If a specific app is not redirecting through the proxy, check the app-specific proxy settings within Shadowrocket and verify they are correctly configured. Restart the app to apply the changes.

Dealing with Shadowrocket App Crashes or Freezes

If you encounter unresponsiveness with the Shadowrocket app, start by force-closing and then reopening the app. If the issue persists, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the app.


Shadowrocket is a powerful tool for iOS users seeking to optimize their internet connectivity, enhance privacy, and control their online experience. With an understanding of its features and a detailed configuration guide focused on iPhone users, you can leverage Shadowrocket to customize your proxy settings and enjoy a secure and efficient online browsing experience. Stay connected, stay safe, and make the most of Shadowrocket on your iPhone for a seamless internet experience!


What is Shadowrocket?

Shadowrocket is a rule-based utility app that lets users manage traffic, access websites from diverse locations, and assess website security features.

Is Shadowrocket a free App?

No, Shadowrocket is not a free app. It requires a one-time purchase from the App Store to download and install on your iOS device. However, it's important to note that after this initial purchase, no further subscription fees or in-app purchases are necessary to utilize all of its features.

Is Shadowrocket safe?

Shadowrocket is safe and secure as long as you use it responsibly and team up with Reliable proxies or VPNs. It grants users anonymous internet access by employing diverse encryption methods to ensure data security and privacy.

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