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Have you encountered a message stating "this content is not available in your country" while browsing a streaming service? Or perhaps you've observed that search outcomes and ads vary significantly depending on the country settings. Such variations arise due to geo-blocking practices.

What Does Geo-Blocking Mean?

Geo-blocking, also known as geo-restriction, refers to the practice of limiting access to internet content based on the user's geographic location. In essence, this means that people might be denied access to certain websites or content varies depending on their physical location.
This restriction comes into play when a server identifies a request coming from an IP address located in a region that the content is not intended for.

Why Does Geo-blocking happen?

The reasons behind being blocked from certain content vary widely based on the platform. Let's look at some notable examples:
Airbnb While Airbnb is a crucial resource for travelers, not everyone can use it. For instance, U.S. sanctions against Iran forced Airbnb to block its service there, making it one of the most extreme cases of geoblocking.
YouTube Content creators on YouTube can restrict their videos in certain areas. Generally, individual YouTubers aim for the widest audience possible.
However, corporate entities often restrict access based on regional licensing agreements.
Netflix Much of what you see on Netflix isn't actually produced by them. This means they need to negotiate rights with the original content owners, who might already have deals in some countries.
Even though Netflix might prefer you to watch with them rather than a local provider, those local distributors have a lot of influence. They pressure content creators, leading to Netflix having to impose geoblocking.
For example, viewers in Slovakia have access to 8,427 titles, whereas those in France can watch 6,842 titles.
Now that you know what is geo-blocking and how it works, you may ask yourself how to get around it. Let's see how using our proxies can help you with this problem.

Why To Choose Our Proxies To Bypass Geo-Restrictions?

Using our proxies comes with several perks, especially for those looking to get around geo-blocks and reach content that's usually unavailable. Here's some of their benefits:

Anonymity Online

Proxies are great at masking your IP address. This means you can explore the web without leaving a trace of your real location or identity behind, so websites and online services won't follow your digital footsteps.

Unlocking Content

If you've ever bumped into a "content not available in your region" message or faced restrictions due to government censorship, proxies are your go-to solution. By "appearing" in a different country, you break these barriers and unlock a world of full of content at your fingertips.

Enhanced Security

Beyond just accessing restricted content, proxies add a solid layer of defense for your online activities. Connecting through a proxy server means your data is encrypted and kept out from hands of the hackers. This is very useful when you're dealing with sensitive info or making transactions online.

Best proxies for every use case

Our proxies are perfect for any use case. We have a wide range of locations and subnets to choose from as well as a plethora of protocols and authentication methods.

Ad verification

Verify that your ads and campaigns are running properly and according to specs by using our proxies to emulate real visitors from different parts of the world.

Anonymous browsing

From proxy chains or simple browsing, SOCKS5 are your best tool when trying to use your software anonymously and avoid detection.

Automated purchases

Create purchase bots and be the first to access closed, regional markets or restricted merchandise by using our proxies and socks.

Brand monitoring

Keep a permanent eye on the internet and the mentions of your brand. Stay in the loop and be the first to respond when your brand receives critique.

Bypass geo-restrictions

With our SOCKS5 proxies you can bypass any kind of geo restrictions and consume your favorite media without obstructions, at any time.

Competition monitoring

Wether it's pricing, policies or other subtle changes our proxies are the perfect solution if you want to stay up to date with important changes.

Data mining bots

Our proxies are perfect for web crawlers and data miners in general because they are fast, easy to use, have great bandwidth and exceptional uptime.

Market research

Many online markets react to user's location in different ways. Use our proxies to see those changes in real-time and adapt to them as fast as possible.

P2P applications

P2P applications use a multitude of ports in order to transfer data across the network and only a SOCKS5 proxy will be able to work reliably.

Online gaming

Banned at games or geo walled by IP-geo restrictions? Use our SOCKS5 proxies to get back into action without being detected or restricted ever again.

Website uptime

Check your website and other online services from multiple locations by using our proxies. Downtimes cost money and we're here to help you avoid them.

Price monitoring

Monitor market prices for products of interest and make sure you are always in the loop by adapting quickly to any changes from your competition.

Unique Proxy Features

Our infrastructure is unique, battle-tested and carefully monitored by supervisors 24/7. There is no other proxy provider even close to operating at the same level and standards that we do.

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