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Trying to access Etsy through any proxy may place you in front of an unaccounted barrier. Etsy's sophisticated detection system is so effective that it has always been in a position to detect and lock out most proxy servers. To bypass this, you must use a high-anonymity proxy server that remains undetected by Etsy's anti-spam mechanisms. Choosing the right proxy provider is very important, as a poor choice can jeopardize your efforts.
Despite ongoing debates about the reliability of IP addresses for user identification, digital platforms, including Etsy, still heavily rely on them for implementing blocks and geo-restrictions. Etsy uses IP addresses to identify users. So, if you are able to conceal your IP address, you can still evade from the anti-spam filters and run your marketing strategies.

What Is Etsy?

Established in the year 2005, Etsy is an international standard e-commerce site that tops its uniqueness in selling vintage and handmade products, differentiating it from competitors like Amazon and Shopify. It offers a platform for consumers to buy and merchants to sell, with the most categorized goods under the Home & Goods with a total hosting of over 60 million products. The marketplace boasts of over 2.5 million hosting sellers derived from the 234 countries. It is notable that the strongest concentration is registered from the United States and UK. Also, 85% of the sellers on the platform are women. From this point of view, it is evident that Etsy is a rapidly growing business, where the sellers can achieve revenues of over $5 billion, and they have already attracted more than 60 million buyers by the middle of 2020.

Why Do You Need To Use A Proxy For Etsy?

Etsy's success and popularity have increased competition, making it hard for new sellers to stand out and boost sales. And because almost all sellers are looking to increase their sales, one possible strategy for doing this is managing multiple Etsy accounts.
While Etsy allows you to have several accounts tied to different email addresses, these should be associated with the same business and share details of payment. But not every seller is up for that, and that's where proxy services come in.
Proxies are able to run several Etsy accounts within one browser with distinct profiles, by allocating different IP addresses to each profile/account.
Moreover, employing an Etsy bot for task automation enhances store engagement, potentially boosting sales by improving customer experience. Etsy's stance on bots is quite strict, though, and using one risks account suspension. Proxies can mitigate this risk by making bot traffic appear as if it's coming from genuine users.
In instances where an account is banned for any reason, then it will have the IP blacklisted and, therefore, access to Etsy becomes impossible. Changing your IP address via a proxy, however, allows you to circumvent this issue, regaining access to the platform and continuing your business activities.

What Type Of Proxy Should I Use For Etsy?

It is very important to be able to choose the right proxy that will give the required level of anonymity and, at the same time, does not get noticed, especially by using such platforms as Etsy. The suitability of a proxy depends largely on the specific requirements of your Etsy activities.
Static Residential Proxies offer fixed IP addresses bound to an actual device, making it perfect for the person who needs continual activities in which consistent online presence is important. This can significantly lower the chances of flagging by the security systems of Etsy and, at the same time, help the user, bearing in mind long-term projects such as running an Etsy shop or maintaining regular engagement with customers. Unchanging nature of a static IP, however, might cause potential detection over time if used for activities far from normal user behavior.
Anonymous Proxies provides static residential proxies that are tailor-made to meet the varied needs of Etsy sellers. Whether your goal is to operate undetected while using automation tools or to manage multiple accounts without facing restrictions, Anonymous Proxies offers solutions that support your Etsy business’s smooth operation and growth in the competitive marketplace. Contact Anonymous Proxies today to find more about how our Etsy proxies can help you in ensuring smooth operation and growth in such competitive marketplaces.

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